Original Yeman sidr honey

The Original Yeman Sidr honey’s prices are written below with the prices and delivery charges.

1 kg – 650 AED (Free Home Delivery)

500 grams – 350 AED (Free Home Delivery)

250 grams – 150 AED (Delivery apply)


as you know the bees produce it collect the nectar exclusively from the Sidr tree and we offer the very original Yemen Sidr honey only at royaldesertfarm wherever you are in UAE let us know we will confirm and deliver your honey to your home at the most affordable price.

Sidr honey benefits:

Sidr honey Help us with Sinus problems
it Boosts our Memory
Sidr honey is the best for Coughs & Colds it helps us to get better in cold.
Sidr honey is really good for a person with Heart Disease.
Sidr honey helps our body with Cholesterol and lowers our Blood Pressure
Sidr honey makes our skin glow and helps us if we have any Skin Problems

we also have Small bee honey, Kazakhstan White honey, Big bee honey, Organic honey , visit our shop page to buy any kind of honey and milk products.


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